Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 5
What have Year 5 been getting up to?

Week 1: Roald Dahl

This week Year 5 have been focussing on the text 'Danny the champion of the world' by Roald Dahl. We have linked this across many of our subjects including English, Art and Science.


Here are some images of what we have been up to so far...


Ancient Greece

Our Topic:  Ancient Greece

Image result for ancient greek pictures

This term the children will be learning about one of the world’s most famous civilisations - the Ancient Greeks! From the pleasant philosophers, to the savage Spartans, to the outstanding Olympians. There is no doubt that this is going to be an

exhilarating journey across the last 3000 years! Our exploration will take them through the following National Curriculum areas:

Geography: We will be developing our knowledge and understanding of Greece, including its geographical location and comparisons to the UK (e.g climate and population). 

History:  Continuing to develop research and enquiry skills in the exploration of Ancient Greek life and society. Looking at chronology of events, as well as famous Greeks including Alexander the Great, Archimedes and many more. We will also explore the history of the Olympic games.

DT: We will be exploring, designing and creating our own Greek pots.

Art: We will generate our Greek designs and use this to decorate our Greek pots. We will also review and reflect on the process.

Computing: Year 5 will be using software to create pieces of geometric art and a Scratch computer

programme for drawing shapes.

Music: Children will explore sessions on Music Express building on tempo, pitch and rhythm.

PSHE: We will be exploring friendships, positive relationships as well as strategies to manage difficult situations. 



Throughout Term 5, our English will focus around a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.  We will be exploring, planning and writing recounts, biographies, diary entries, character and setting profiles as well as myths and legends. Throughout the term we will continue to develop and practise core writing skills at word, sentence and text level as we push towards high level fluent writing.  


In Reader’s Workshop our skill focus will be ‘Determining importance’. Children will learn to identify and recognise main information as well as additional detail and understand why this is important to be a successful reader. 


Key areas of learning this term will include: Decimals; percentages; geometry; position and movement; measurements; area and perimeter; volume and roman numerals

Science, re and PE


Our science sees us advancing our understanding of forces, with exploration of friction, air and water resistance and the use of levers. We will be linking these to our topic wherever possible to give it a context.

R.E.  Learning about the beliefs and influences within the Islamic faith, as well as religious charities and organisations.

P.E.  We will be undertaking a variety of summer sports, including athletics, cricket and tennis.

exciting news

Exciting News!

Year 5 will be going on their overnight residential trip to Bexon Lane scout camp on Thursday 6th – 7th July.

Home learning

Weekly Spellings will be issued on Friday, these will be tested the following Friday.

Homework is issued each Friday and should be returned on the following Wednesday.

Please remind your child to bring their Reading Book back into school as soon as they finish it so they can select a new one. Children should log their home reading in their homework diary.

Times tables are an integral part of maths so it is vital children are secure in these and can also apply them to the inverse. Therefore they need to keep practising regularly. There are lots of online games that can support with this, alternatively flash cards and games are a fun way.