Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 5
What have Year 5 been getting up to?


This term, our core text is Varmints by Helen Ward and Marc Craste.  We will use this to explore dialect and develop our vocabulary.  Over the term, we will work on a variety of genres and skills including debate, poetry, figurative language and narrative.  In spellings we will be focussing on homophones and suffixes.  Grammar will be taught through Grammar Hammer and through our English lessons.  Please ensure that your child reads nightly and that they revise for their weekly spelling tests.


We will continue our geometry focus this term, with an emphasis or area, perimeter, volume and capacity.  Children will use a range of units of measure and will use concrete methods to help them understand key concepts.  Strong multiplication skills are essential so please encourage your child to revise their multiplication tables and to use Mathletics regularly.  


Our history focus for the term is local history, so the children will be researching the history of Tunbridge Wells with a particular emphasis on the local suffrage movement. They will also be revising their map skills which they learned in geography during term 5.


There is not a geography focus in Term 6, though the children will be developing their map skills which they learned in term 5.


In science, the focus is “Animals, Including Humans” and we will be learning about the process of ageing and the changes that brings to the body.


This term’s computing topic is ‘We are architects’ and children will be designing a virtual space and learning how software can help in design.


Over the term, we shall be learning about how religious beliefs influence the world around us from our charitable giving to the buildings that surround us.  We will learn about Islam and Christianity.


This term will include Stand Up to Bullying Week in June and the children will continue their work on hard to handle stress and conflict resolution.


This term, year 5 will be learning Spanish to prepare them for year 6.  The children will be learning basic vocabulary and will also learn about the country and culture of Spain.


A full P.E. kit (including trainers) should be kept in school at all times. This term Year 5 will be doing tennis, athletics and cricket

Art and D.T

Mrs Clements will be teaching the children art and DT this term on Fridays, with a focus on print making.  We will be learning about the work of William Morris and emulating his style through a range of printing techniques.


Mrs McIlwham continues to teach Year 5 music on Thursday afternoons.   They will focus on composers and genres throughout the world.

Home Learning

On a Wednesday...      

- Please return your child’s Home Learning file, Home Learning Diary and reading book.
- In class we will have a weekly spelling and times tables check.
- Buster Book Club bookmark sent home, please read and enjoy a book from home.

On a Thursday...            

- Please sign and return your child’s Buster Book Club bookmark.

- Home Learning set and Home Learning file, Home Learning Diary and reading book are sent home.

Year 5 Home Learning Overview

Daily Reading – Reading Record in Home Learning File to be signed by weekly by an adult.

8 Spellings a week (5 statutory, 2 topic, 1 wizard word. Write definition of topic and wizard words. Additional challenge to write all spelling words correctly within a paragraph)

Mathletics/multiplications & division facts -

Fortnightly comprehension task.