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Year 4
What have Year 4 been doing?

Charlotte's Web 

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This term, Year 4 will be exploring the book, ‘Charlotte’s Web’. The book discusses character development through changes in feelings and emotions, and emotional response in narrative fictionIt explores the themes of friendship, the passing of time, and the circles of life through the complex web of relationships portrayed in the text. We will be focusing on: Diary entries, fact files, character descriptions and narratives.



See the source imageThis term pupils will continue to learn about measures. They will also learn about the concepts of area and perimeter. They will measure area by measuring surface coverage, i.e. counting squares before measuring area by using multiplication. They will find areas of figures that have squares and rectangles by counting and visualising. They will learn how to apply their knowledge of finding area of figures in different orientations. In addition, pupils will learn about types of angles. They will name and compare angles and use this information to help when classifying triangles and quadrilaterals. Pupils will explore symmetry and symmetrical figures, before applying this knowledge to the completion of symmetrical figures. They will draw lines of symmetry on shapes and figures and will combine this knowledge and understanding to sort a variety of 2-D shapes. Pupils will learn how to describe the positions of objects and figures. They will learn to describe positions on grids using coordinates and will be introduced to the x and y axes to build understanding of how coordinates are written. They will learn to translate shapes using the terms 'left', 'right', 'upwards' and 'downwards' and will use coordinates to describe a figure following a translation. Pupils will learn to read and write Roman numerals and how Roman numerals are used.

History and Geography:

This term we will focus on history. We will be using our ‘Power of Reading’ text to discuss the agricultural and industrial revolution. Children will consider why these two periods of history are significant, they will research the impact of inventions and present information about a key inventor from the industrial revolution. 


This term we will continue to explore a unit of work called ‘animals including humans’. This will focus on constructing and interpreting food chains and webs and linking to our text for the term, explore the ecosystem as a circle of life. We will also use scientific skills throughout this unit such as learning to gather, record, classify and present data in a variety of ways as well as identifying similarities or changes related to scientific ideas and processes.


See the source imageIn computing, children will be continuing to explore digital music production. We will be using software to create rhythms and tunes. In e-safety, we will be identifying situations where children could spend money on their smartphones.  




This term, Year 4 will explore the question ‘Why do some people think of life as a journey?’ Here we will be considering the significant life events in different religions, such as baptism, bar/bat mitzvah and marriage. We will use these questions to compare and discuss different religions. 





Alongside our focus for the term, we will celebrate ‘Stand Up To Bullying Day’ which takes place on 13th June. Our theme this term is ‘Understanding the importance of support for us and others’. During this we will consider why people may need support and where this can be found, understand how to be supportive and understand how charities support others. 



Year 4 use the Euro Stars programme as well as games, songs, video clips and stories to learn and practise new vocabulary in lots of different ways to build confidence in French. They will learn about animal names and habitats, adjectives to describe animals and telling the time.


This term, all classes will benefit from being taught by a PE coach. They will be developing their skills in athletics as well as continuing with their swimming lessons. Plus the fantastic outdoor activities at our summer term camping experience.



Art and D.T:

This term, we will focus on DT. Linking with our Power of Reading text, children will be planning, designing and creating a moving toy based on a character from ‘Charlotte’s Web’.





ISee the source imageThis term, the children will be learning about metre and syncopation. They will discuss the grouping of beats in different styles of music. They will also consider how a story is told through a piece of music. 


Image result for mathleticsWeekly timestable and spelling test. Home learning will go home on a Thursday and must be returned on a Wednesday.

Children are expected to read regularly with an adult at home and record the book title and pages read in the back of their home learning diary.

A reading comprehension will go home every other week. 

Weekly maths homework will be set on mathletics.

Year 4 memories of our June 2018 camp

Archery was exciting and quite a challenge! (Julia)

Best experience ever was fire-lighting with flints. (Dexter)

Cool… camping was awesome. (Harry)

Dinner was great, I loved the sausage and chips. (Tommi)

Exhausting, rocky climbing wall! (Lewis)

Flag riders was tiring too! (Charlie)

Great sporting activities, nerve-wracking but I really enjoyed everything. (Kovidh)

Hard targets to hit in archery but practise makes perfect. (Veronika)

I couldn’t wait for camp, and I didn’t sleep because I was so excited. (Oliver)

Just the best camping trip ever but showering when I got home was amazing. (Seren)

Ketchup on our fish and chips, what a tasty dinner. (Devon 4)

Legendary survival skills workshop and shelter building. (Alfie)

Mrs Bootle and Mrs Bentham had fun helping us put up our tents

Nervous and eager at the start, but camping was brilliant. (Amy)

Obstacle course, army style – it was epic. (Kian)

Perseverance was needed for the problem solving activities and archery. (Izzy)

Quite hard but the climbing wall was my best moment. (Lia)

Rising early, in fact getting up with the birds. (Angelo)

Slippery hands made the climbing wall a real challenge. (Sheamai)

Too exciting, I couldn’t get to sleep. (Michal)

Understanding how to put up a tent was really hard but we did it! (Isobel)

Very challenging, awesome, cool and epic – I really enjoyed the camp. (Elliott) 

Wish I had a time travelling machine as I want to do it all over again. (Aimee)

Xtremely fun…. (yes we know it should start with an E, LOL)

Yummy dinner and breakfast, I was almost speechless. (Jess)

Zooming down and abseiling after the climb was a thrilling experience!