Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 4
What have Year 4 been doing?

'One Plastic Bag' and 'Mama Miti'


This term, Year 4 will be exploring the books ‘One Plastic Bag’ and ‘Mama Miti’. 

Using these fantastic texts as our stimulus, we will consider the following: persuasive arguments; narrative writing; inferring character’s thoughts and feelings and cultural writing forms such as traditional tales.

WORLD BOOK DAY – postponed until 16th March.

Children are invited to dress up as their favourite fictional character from one of the texts we have explored in Year 4 this academic year, or a character from a favourite book. Here are some ideas:

Term 1 Text – Into The Forest - You could dress up as the Mother, the boy, a character from a fairy tale eg Hansel and Gretel, the wolf or the grandma.

Term 2 Text – Arthur and the Golden Rope – You could dress up as Arthur, Professor Brownstone, Thor, Frejya or any of the mythical creatures from Odd and The Frost Giants.

Term 3 Text – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - You could dress up as Edward (a rabbit), Abilene (a smartly dressed young girl), Lucy (a dog), Pellegrina (a strict elderly lady) or Bryce (a scruffy, young boy).

As this coincides with Sussex and Wiltshire’s Thursday swimming slot, please ensure that costumes are suitable for walking to the swimming pool.


This term pupils will learn how to add and subtract fractions and will solve addition and subtraction word problems.

They will learn about the 24-hour clock and how to use this alongside the 12-hour clock. They will convert between units of time, such as minutes and seconds, hours and minutes. Children will also learn how to solve time problems involving conversions and will calculate durations of time in relation to word problems. Additionally, children will learn about tenths and hundredths. They will learn how to count, order and record the decimals in different ways. They will begin to see equivalence between tenths and hundredths and will be able to compare and order the numbers. Children will learn to continue linear number sequences as well as round decimals to the nearest whole number. They will also link tenths and hundredths with dividing by 10 and 100.

History and Geography: This term we will focus on the impact of recycling on our planet based on the book ‘One Plastic Bag’. Children will recognise a range of materials and relate these to everyday objects. They will consider how the use of raw materials can damage the environment and consider ways to improve this by reducing, reusing and recycling. Additionally, they will consider the similarities and differences between our culture and that of other countries. 

Science:  Our topic this term is ‘electricity’. Children will consider how electricity powers common everyday appliances; construct simple circuits; conduct scientific investigations and learn to recognise conductors and insulators.


In computing, children will be taking on the role of HTML editors. We will learn about the internet and how it provides the world wide web. Children will also learn that a webpage is coded in HTML and we will begin to write our own HTML to plan and build a mock website.


This term, Year 4 will explre ‘Salvation’ and the key question ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’ Through this we will be exploring the events of Holy Week and considering how Christians view the biblical message. We will also consider how serving and celebrating, trust and standing up for your beliefs make a difference to how we think and live.


Our theme this term is ‘Understanding the consequences of my actions’. Using this theme, we will be unpicking what behaviour is; what influences our choices; what the consequences of our choices might be and how to make good choices.


Year 4 will be using the Euro Stars programme as well as games, songs, video clips and stories to learn and practise new vocabulary in lots of different ways to build confidence in French. They will be learning about food and drink; healthy and unhealthy foods and sports and activities.


This term, all classes will benefit from being taught by a PE coach. They will be developing their skills in tennis and dance.  Children will also be swimming weekly on a Monday (Devon) and Thursday (Wiltshire and Sussex).

Art and D.T:

Linking with our Power of Reading text, children will be learning about healthy eating, composite recipes and following their own recipe to bake Gambian Banana Bread.


Year 4 will be going on an exciting trip to a local school to see ‘Kidenza’ – a touring music concert. Whilst listening to and appreciating the music, we will learn about a 14 piece orchestra. In class, children will also be exploring a unit of sound.



Weekly timestable test.

Spelling test on a Thursday.

Home learning will go home on a Thursday and must be returned on a Wednesday.

Children are expected to read regularly with an adult at home and record the book title and pages read in the back of their home learning diary.

Weekly maths homework will be set on mathletics.

A reading comprehension will go home every other week.