Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 3



What have year 3 been doing?

Explosive Romans

We have started this exciting term by solving an ancient murder mystery concerning Romulus and Remus and how Rome was named. This has launched our Explosive Romans topic. We will be studying Roman civilisation and life in Britain under the Roman occupation. Our learning will then explode with a study of volcanoes including the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Finally we will journey into modern Italy to learn more about this country’s culture and geography.  

Maths - During terms 5 and 6 we will be learning about the measurement of volume and capacity. We will continue number problems connected to our learning about fractions, money and time. We will also be studying a statistics unit focusing on data handling, graphs and tables.

English - The children will be studying topic related texts including a range of information texts about the Romans. Writing will focus on planning, drafting and editing extended pieces of fiction and non-fiction related to our topic. Our spelling and grammar lessons will look at the use of conjunctions, subordinate clauses, adverbs, prepositions and imperative verbs. Spellings will also focus on words from the National Curriculum Year 3 lists.

RE- We will be finishing exploring the Easter story and Salvation and moving on to exploring Judaism comparing the Jewish religion with Christianity.

History - We will be using a range of historical sources to discover more about why, how and by whom England was invaded under the Romans. By studying information about architecture, food, clothes, recreation, roles in the community and a range of artefacts your child will have a greater understanding of what life was like for an ordinary Roman citizen

Geography -

We will be studying the geography of Italy with a focus on its physical and human features and how life and culture are influenced by its climate and landscape.  Our study of Roman Britain will also develop key mapping skills.

Science - In terms 5 and 6 the children will identify and describe the different functions of plants, explore the requirements of plants for life and growth, investigate how water is transported within plants and explore the life cycle of flowering plants.

Computing - We will be learning more about how technology can be utilised for safe and effective communication. We will also be studying how computers can be used to create an opinion poll and how data is represented in graphs and charts.

PSHE - We will be exploring how to take on a role in group situations and contribute to overall outcomes and how use peaceful problem solving to sort out difficulties.

PE - This term we will be continuing to develop our bat and ball skills learned through the year so far by developing and redirecting these into our new team games - rounders and Cricket. We will be practising different bowling and bat swinging techniques necessary for different sports, as well as team work skills needed for effective fielding. Please ensure that a full PE kit, including trainers or plimsolls, is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons can vary on a weekly basis. Earrings should be covered with tape or removed.

Art and DT - Our topic will have a strong influence on our Art and DT work. This term the children will be designing and creating their own Roman influenced mosaic and in term 6 creating sculptures inspired by the Roman architecture.

French - The children will be reinforcing and practising all of the French vocabulary learnt so far with songs and communicative tasks. They will also familiarise themselves with a story in French in depth - Le navet énorme (The enormous turnip) - joining in with key phrases and vocabulary. 

Home Learning - Home learning will be handed out on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. It will include an English/Topic task, spellings and each child should continue to login to Mathletics each week to develop and secure their fluency of number. It is also important that you read with your children as often as you can during each week.

Important Dates - Year 3 Church Service – Wednesday 3rd May at 9:15am