Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 2
What have Year 2 been doing?

Lovely London!

In Year 2 this term we have been visited by three lions from Trafalgar Square who are introducing us to London! This is a history based project where we will be learning about famous London landmarks & people, how London has changed over time and the effects of the plague & The Great Fire.


In English we will continue to develop our use of language and actions to explore and convey situations, characters and emotions. Identifying and describing characters, events and settings in London fiction and using our knowledge of book conventions, structure, sequence and presentational device to delve into and write about our rich history.

MATHS & Times tables

We will be consolidating and developing your child’s skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in Maths, also finding fractions of amounts, handling different amounts of money and 2D & 3D shapes and their properties as well as continuing work on measuring and telling the time.
We will continue to have a strong emphasis for the rest of the year on reasoning, problem solving, connecting different aspects of maths and developing the children’s ability in using their number skills in a variety of contexts.


In Science we will be learning about living things and their habitats and finding out how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals. We will explore the school environment, survey and observe the living things to be found there. We will also continue to grow plants and study what they need in order to thrive.


Hinduism is our R.E topic this term and the children will be learning about the origins of Hinduism, deities and important Hindu images. We will also be learning about the Hindu festival of Divali and how it is celebrated and its symbolism and meaning. Throughout our learning the children will be comparing Hinduism to Christianity and also how we live our own lives.



In Art we will be looking at artwork similar to that of Ptolemy Dean and how we can recreate the London landscape in this way.
We will also be studying Lion's faces, Raven's feathers and a famous lantern!
This term we will be covering a range of striking & fielding games and athletics in P.E.
Geography we will be comparing our local area with London, using maps and plans at a range of scales and recognising the geographical changes of London over time. Also the children will become more familiar with simple grid references.
In music we will be rehearsing and performing with others, creating musical patterns and exploring how to organise their own musical ideas.
In Computing this term the children will be safely developing skills in opening, composing and sending emails, opening and listening to audio files on the computer, developing their skills in editing and formatting text in emails and will be learning about the e-safety issues when using email.

Home Learning

  1.  At the end of Term 5 children will be asked to complete a topic related home learning task.
    Please ensure that your child reads regularly at home and is consolidating their knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the correlating division facts.


- Children require full, correct P.E. kit in school at all times.  
- If your child is being collected by someone other than yourselves please can you inform us
with a note or a telephone call to the Infant Office.
- If you have any worries at all then please feel free to speak to us after school. If you wish to
have a longer appointment with us then please telephone the school office to arrange this.

- Please note: All year 2 children will be carrying out National Assessments throughout May in small groups; these are carried out as part of our class ‘special work’ rather than a formal testing week.