Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 2
What have Year 2 been doing?

the Robot and the bluebird

Year 2’s key text this term is ‘The Robot and The Bluebird’ written by David Lucas. The story begins when a broken-hearted robot is left on the scrapheap. Day turns into night, Autumn into Winter, as he lies there it seems he will never move again until a Bluebird arrives who needs help to get to a warmer place. Throughout this term the pupils in Year 2 will draft and write by noting ideas, key phrases and vocabulary, and composing and rehearsing sentences orally. They will develop their skills in sequencing carefully structured sentences to form short narratives when writing for different purposes including fictional pieces, personal experiences, poetry, non-fiction and real events.   This term will be focused on embedding their skills in using basic punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, questions marks, commas and apostrophes and ensuring that they use the past and present tense correctly and consistently. The children will also be challenged to widen the range of conjunctions they are able to use to link phrases within a sentence such as because, which, so and however. In reading, our key focus for this term will be to draw inferences on the basis of what is being said and done and to identify and describe the structure used in different narratives and how this has an impact on the reader.

MATHS & Times tables

This week we have begun the term by learning about money. We will be securing our skills in counting money and showing equal amounts using different combinations of coins which will then lead to calculating change and solving challenging word problems. Pupils in Year 2 will then learn about how we can identify and describe a wider variety of 2D shapes by describing the amount of sides, vertices and lines of symmetry. They will then use this knowledge to sort and draw shapes and explain how they can be used within patterns and how they can be moved or turned. Finally we will be learning about fractions with a focus on counting up in halves, quarters and thirds and finding fractions of shapes and quantities. To support your child in their learning to find fractions of quantities please help your child to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables, division facts and halves of numbers up to 20 regularly at home, so that they can recall them in any order and at great speed, this will support their learning and progress in class.


Our key question is - How has the invention of the aeroplane developed over time? We will be creating our own timelines on the history of flight, researching the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart and modern day pilots. We might even have a special guest fly in!


Year 2 will be consolidating their learning of animals and their habitats. We will then be exploring animals including humans, learning about healthy eating, exercise and life cycles.


The children will be looking at photography. They will understand what makes a well taken image and the functions of a camera. We will also discuss how we can enhance and edit out photos showing them how to make simple changes by cropping and straightening photographs.  


In R.E this term we will continue to learn about Christianity, with a focus on the Easter story and how Christians believe that Jesus was rescuing people and that he gave them instructions about how to behave. The children will also develop their skills in being able to think, talk and ask questions about whether the story of Easter has anything to say to them about sadness, hope or heaven, by exploring different ideas


Helping children to develop resilience and respond to challenges in a positive way will be our focus this term. Buckinghamshire 2 will be carrying out the Small Steps Pedestrian Training this term which is led by a Kent County Council Instructor.


Children will participate in PE lessons twice a week. This term all Year 2 children will be having golf and curling lessons during the week and Miss Lewis on a Friday afternoon for football. Please ensure that a full PE kit is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons can vary on a weekly basis.

art and d.t

Using William Morris as inspiration Year 2 will be creating their own printing templates and engrave their design into polystyrene to experiment with block printing.


Children will continue to be taught by Mrs McIlwham, a specialist music teacher, on Friday afternoons, where they will work on a variety of musical skills, including opera, composition and performance.

HOME learning

Wednesday  - Please return your child’s green Home Learning book, school reading book and yellow reading record.

            - In class we will have a weekly spelling and times tables check.

                            - Buster Book Club bookmark sent home, please read and enjoy a book from home.

                 Thursday - Please sign and return your child’s Buster Book Club bookmark.

                            - Home Learning set and green book, reading book and yellow reading record sent home.

1. RWInc sounds/ words for children having Read Write Inc. lessons.

2. Daily Reading – Yellow Reading Record to be signed weekly by an adult.

3. Mathletics /Times tables & number bonds

4. 8 Spellings a week (5 statutory, 2 topic, 1 wizard word. Write definition of topic and wizard words. Additional challenge to write all spelling words correctly within a paragraph.)

5. From Term 3 - Fortnightly comprehension.

WORLD BOOK DAY – Thursday 1st March. Children are invited to dress up as their favourite fictional character from one of the texts we have explored in Year 2 this academic year or a character from a favourite book. Here are some ideas:

Term 1 Text – Traction Man – Be creative, you could dress up as Traction man, scrubbing brush or even

Term 2 Text – The Princess and the White Bear King – You could dress up as the troll, a polar bear or a princess.

Term 3 Text – The Fox and the Star – Maybe dress up as a fox, the star or another woodland creature.

Our new Term 4 Text – The Robot and the Bluebird – You could dress up as a robot.