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Year 2
What have Year 2 been doing?

olga da polga

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Year 2’s key text this term is ‘Olga da Polga’ By Michael Bond. Life from a guinea pig’s viewpoint. Children will have the opportunity to see the world through Olga’s eyes; experiencing the highs and lows of her journey and taking the time to interpret and respond to pivotal moments through a range of creative teaching approaches.

We will discuss themes and issues that arise in this moving story, enabling children to make connections with their own lives. We shall explore and develop ideas through talk and to listen to each other’s responses. Year 2 pupils will develop creative responses to the text through drama, play and drawing and write in role in order to explore characters and events.


In reading our main focus will be comprehension, showing where we find the answers in the text and using the text to support our answers. Please support your child with the fortnightly comprehension tasks by ensuring they build on their inference skills and they highlight the text to support their answers. 

MATHS & Times tables

This week we have begun the term by continuing our learning about fractions. We are focussing on counting up in halves, quarters and thirds and finding fractions of shapes and quantities.  We will use our knowledge of fractions to solve problems to find a fraction of a number. Year 2 pupils will then build upon their prior knowledge of telling the time by increasing their accuracy to the nearest five minutes, drawing clock hands and finding durations of time. To assist with telling the time please help your child to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables, division facts and adding and subtracting two-digit numbers using the column method regularly at home, so that they can calculate and recall them at great speed, this will support their learning and progress in class. 

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Based on our class research on guinea pigs, we will explore the geographical origins and spread of guinea pigs around the world with a focus on Peru. We will be developing our map skills in the class and draw on our research work with the children to plot South American origins marking the different parts of the world that guinea pigs can be found.

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The Olga da Polga stories are charming but also enable deeper thinking and enquiry, for example the chapter ‘Olga Starts a Rumour’ encourages questioning about science and the environment. Olga is an imaginative storyteller – she has a tale about why guinea pigs have no tails. We will research and investigate the different types of plants guinea pigs enjoy eating, looking at what plants need to be able to grow. We will be putting our knowledge into practice to grow our own plants that guinea pigs might enjoy! 

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The children will be challenged to solve a mystery by reading, sending and replying to emails, and by listening to a witness statement. They will use a fact file sheet to create a table and identify the culprit, as well as developing skills in editing and formatting text in emails whilst being aware of e-safety issues when using email.


Our key question this term is ‘Who is Muslim and what do they believe?’ We will be finding out about Islam and we will explore Muslim families and their faith.

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Our learning will help us to develop positive outlooks and recognise the talents in each other that make us special.  We will also be discussing and asking the children to think about how to care for animals.


Children will participate in PE lessons twice a week. This term all Year 2 children will be having multi-skills lessons during the week. On a Wednesday afternoon children will benefit from specialist athletics coaching. Please ensure that a full PE kit is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons can vary on a weekly basis. 

art and d.t

We will be focussing on animal sculpture, designing and creating our own guinea pigs using clay for our very own guinea pig garden. 


Children will continue to be taught by Mrs Capewell, our specialist music teacher, on Thursday afternoons, where the children will work on a variety of musical skills, including opera, composition and performance. 

HOME learning

Wednesday  - Please return your child’s green Home Learning book, school reading book and yellow reading record.

            - In class we will have a weekly spelling and times tables check.

                            - Buster Book Club bookmark sent home, please read and enjoy a book from home.

                 Thursday - Please sign and return your child’s Buster Book Club bookmark.

                            - Home Learning set and green book, reading book and yellow reading record sent home.

1. RWInc sounds/ words for children having Read Write Inc. lessons.

2. Daily Reading – Yellow Reading Record to be signed weekly by an adult.

3. Times tables & number bonds

4. 8 Spellings a week (5 statutory, 2 topic, 1 wizard word. Write definition of topic and wizard words. Additional challenge to write all spelling words correctly within a paragraph.)

5. From Term 3 - Fortnightly comprehension.