Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 2
What have Year 2 been doing?


This term we will be travelling through the Arctic snow with our text The Princess and The White Bear King. We will be using artefacts to create story maps and write our own narratives. We will be learning how to write diary entries, explanations and how to use language to write a persuasive letter. Throughout all of their writing experiences this term we will be focusing on their use of a wider range of adjectives, verbs, adverbs, punctuation and conjunctions to create interest for the reader. We will also be looking out for our exciting weekly word wizard word which we will be including in our writing.

MATHS & Times tables

This term we are delving into the world of multiplication of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the matching division facts. It is vital that your child practises these regularly at home so that they can recall them in any order and at great speed as this will support their learning and progress in school.


After our exciting trip to Leeds Castle we are now learning about the history of medieval castles and how they have changed over time. We will identify how the key features of a castle were used in defence and discover what the different roles of people in the castle were and which roles we would like to take on ourselves! Please take time to look at our photo gallery at the top of this page which will give you a snap shot of our fantastic day out to Leeds Castle at the beginning of November. We all had so much fun and had the opportunity to have a tour around the castle, dress up and learn about the people who have lived there and we all managed to find our way to the centre of the marvellous maze!


Children will be putting their Term 1 map skills to the test! We will be locating local castles on a range of maps and sharing our own personal experiences with the rest of the class.


In science our main focus continues to be on every day materials. The focus is developing your child’s understanding of how materials are different, their purpose and how they can change. We are also learning about seasonal changes and identifying plants in our local environment at this time of year.


Before the October break children in Year 2 were designing algorithms to create their own moving sprites using the Scratch software. This term they will then use these skills to create their very own computer game.


As we lead up to Christmas your child will be digging deeper into why Christmas matters to Christians and what they do to celebrate both in their church and at home.


This term the children in Year 2 will be discussing and celebrating our similarities and differences and the importance of showing respect for others and ourselves.


Please ensure that a full PE kit is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons can vary on a weekly basis. This term all Year 2 children will be having dance lessons during the week and Mrs Sweatman on a Friday afternoon for multi-skills.

art and d.t

In D.T this term the children will be putting their final touches on their vehicles which they made before the October break. In art the children will be improving their observational sketching, developing their skills in how they create line and shape looking at different features of a castle and how they can use mixing to create light and dark. Towards Christmas they will be creating their own decorations to bring home.


The children will continue to have singing with Mrs Bateup every Monday morning and soon we will be busy practising for the Christmas Nativity. Year 2 take the leading roles so you will soon be hearing Christmas melodies!

HOME learning

Wednesday  - Please return your child’s green Home Learning book, school reading book and yellow reading record.

            - In class we will have a weekly spelling and times tables check.

                            - Buster Book Club bookmark sent home, please read and enjoy a book from home.

                 Thursday - Please sign and return your child’s Buster Book Club bookmark.

                            - Home Learning set and green book, reading book and yellow reading record sent home.

1. RWInc sounds/ words for children having Read Write Inc. lessons.

2. Daily Reading – Yellow Reading Record to be signed weekly by an adult.

3. Mathletics /Times tables & number bonds

4. 8 Spellings a week (5 statutory, 2 topic, 1 wizard word. Write definition of topic and wizard words. Additional challenge to write all spelling words correctly within a paragraph.)

5. From Term 3 - Fortnightly comprehension.