Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 1
What have year 1 been doing?

This week's notices Monday 19th March 2018

Please remember to send in your child’s Green Home Learning book every Wednesday.

This week we will be needing your child’s baby/toddler photo which will be stuck into their writing books.

Please remember to send one in, if you haven't already.

Warwickshire need parent helpers in order for their next 3 sessions of Outdoor Learning to take place. Please let Mrs Latty know if you are able to support on the following Fridays:

20th April

27th April

4th May

Thank you, The Year 1 Team.







 Our key text this term which will inspire our cross-curricular journey is ‘Wild’ written by Emily Hughes. In this story we meet a little girl who has known nothing but nature from birth – she was taught to talk by birds, to eat by bears and to play by foxes until one day……?? We will be making predictions about the text and developing our use of vocabulary to describe the characters and the setting in the text. We will focus on improving our writing by using full stops and capital letters correctly. We will learn how to read through our own work to check that it makes sense and edit our work accordingly to form a written piece (narrative) that we and others can read. We will learn new spelling patterns this term that will support us greatly when writing independently. By using our senses whilst visiting our school woods, we will develop our reading comprehension skills making real life links to the text.

WORLD BOOK DAY – Thursday 1st March. Children are invited to dress up as their favourite fictional character from one of the texts we have explored in Year 1 this academic year, or a character from a favourite book. Here are some ideas:

Term 1 – How to Find Gold: A little girl wearing a red dress or you could dress up as her friend Croc (a friendly Crocodile).

Term 2 – The Sweetest Song: You could dress up as a wolf or as Little daughter carrying flowers that she has picked.

Term 3 – The Dark: Dress up as Lazlo wearing his pyjamas, carrying his torch down to the basement.

Term 4- The Wild: Woodland animals e.g. bear, rabbit, bird, fox.


At the beginning of this term we will be using comparative language to help us describe and learn about ‘Length and Height’. Can your child count in 2s and 5s up to 50, and in multiples of 10 up to 100? Please continue to support your child with this so they can apply this confidently during our second maths focus for this term, ‘Counting up to 40’ in multiple ways. In addition to the above, we will continue to focus on a daily basis, children’s rapid recall of number bonds to 20. Can your child tell you how many more needs to be added to 16 to make the total 20? (16 +? = 20). Can your child write the number bonds to 20? 


In Science we will be identifying/labelling the different parts of the human body. We will be discussing the function of each part and linking these to our five senses. We will then be comparing the human body to that of animals. This will have strong cross-curricular links to our key text. Our young scientists continue to add key scientific vocabulary to their white shirts and they wear these ‘lab coats’ proudly.


This term we will be discussing the History of our own lives and that of our family. We will be looking at photos of ourselves as babies and comparing this to photos of ourselves today. Please can you send in a copy of a photograph of your child as a baby or as a toddler? We would like to stick these into your child’s book as part of our History lessons for this term. Many Thanks


This term we will be exploring the question: Why Easter matters to Christians? We will learn about different parts of the Easter story and the importance of the word Salvation to Christian beliefs. We will also be looking at the traditions associated with Easter.


In P.E we will be learning the skills involved in Gymnastics. We will learn how to travel and land safely using correct techniques. We will then link gymnastics moves together to form a sequence as a solo and with a partner. We will continue to partake in a rotational block of three outdoor learning sessions on a Friday afternoon for the duration of this academic year.

Music & P.S.H.E

Throughout this term we will listen to a Woodland inspired piece of music. We will use this music to create a musical score for our own stories. We will learn how to rehearse our individual pieces and perform these to our peers.

In PSHE we will be examining the effect our words can have on others and how we deal with the emotions we feel based on the words of others. We will be linking these discussions with this term’s school value of Forgiveness.

ART & D.T.

This term we will focus on D.T. The children will work to design and create a suitable product fit for the purpose of our main character, Wild. This will include building on some of the skills learnt last term such as designing, labelling and evaluating but also developing new ones including the self-selection of appropriate materials, joining and making secure structures.


In computing this term we will be starting a project which involves using a web search engine to safely collect images. We will then be learning to organise our found images according to agreed criteria and using PowerPoint to present them.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set each Thursday and must be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Buster's Book Club
Buster Book Club bookmarks will be sent home on a Wednesday. This is an ideal time to sit and enjoy a book from home with your child as their reading book will be in school.

Each Thursday your child will be set challenges on Mathletics ( by their class teacher to complete online before the following Wednesday. Chiildren's login details are stuck inside the back cover of their reading records. 

Daily Reading 
Your child’s reading book will be collected in on a Wednesday and sent home each Thursday with their reading record. This should be returned the following Wednesday with a weekly comment.
Reading books will only be changed if the reading record has been signed. 

RWInc Sounds / Words
If your child has daily Read Write Inc lessons they will come home each Thursday with a copy of their speed words, nonsense words and sounds which are either new that week or need to be revised. The children practise these as part of their daily RWInc lessons to support their learning please take 5 minutes a day to listen to your child read these aloud to you.

From Term 4 weekly spelling lists will be sent home on a Thursday in your child’s green home learning book, these will be tested the following Wednesday. The spellings are based on The National Curriculum words and towards the end of the academic year they will receive topic/cross-curricular vocabulary. Each child will record their score on their new spelling sheet which will come home on a Thursday. Please discuss the meaning of each of the words listed on the spelling sheet and support your child in helping to learn them. There will be helpful tips and activities for learning these with your child at the bottom of the sheet.  When you child begins to receive topic/cross curricular words towards the end of Year 1 they will need to write their own sentence containing the word, this will be clearly explained on the spelling sheet when your child is expected to complete this. As an optional challenge your child can see if they can use all of their spelling words correctly in a piece of writing in their green home learning book.

Times Tables & Number Bonds
Year 1 do not have a weekly check however please take time to practise counting in multiples of 2, 5 & 10 with your child. Not necessarily starting at 0. E.g. 6, 8, 10… Also help them to be confident in their number bonds to both 10 and 20.
E.g. 8+2=10, 12 + 8 = 20.



Any other special events/notes