Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 1
What have year 1 been doing?

This week's notices Monday 24th September 2018

It will be Lincolnshire’s Outdoor Learning on the following dates: Friday 5th October, Friday 12th October, Friday 19th October. If you are available to help on any of these dates please come and speak to Miss Beasley directly.

Reading records and books were sent out last week. Please ensure you read with your child daily and log this in their reading record. After reading, encourage your children to discuss what they’ve read and challenge their understanding by asking them questions. For example, who is the main character? What are they like? How do you know? Please return books every Wednesday for them to be changed.

Please can you regularly check your child’s book bag for any letters and communications and take out any items not needed for school. If your child wants to bring in anything for Show and Tell, please ensure it is linked to the term’s topic “How to Find Gold.” 

Thank you,
The Year 1 Team.



Term 6’s key text will be ‘The Storm Whale’, written and illustrated by Benji Davies. The overall aims will be to engage children with a story with which they can empathise, to explore themes and issues, and develop and sustain their ideas through discussion. They will develop creative responses to the text through play, drama, storytelling and art work. They will write for a range of purposes, including instruction writing, free verse poetry, script writing and performing, story planning, drafting and publishing. These outcomes will have a strong grammar focus. Each child will consolidate previously taught skills and develop their use of words ending in ‘er’, ‘est’, ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ies’ and ‘ing’. We will continue to encourage all children to proof read and edit their work, looking for areas to correct or improve using their purple pens.


Term 6 will begin with a focus on being able to read and tell the time to the hour and half hour, ordering events within the day and using comparative language to order and sequence. The children will then estimate and compare durations of time. The following unit will be about monetary value, where the children will learn to recognise current British currency. Towards the end of the term, each class will practically compare volume and capacity before moving onto mass and positional vocabulary. Throughout the term we will revise number bonds to 20 and use these to support further challenging addition and subtraction equations within each of the term’s units.  


In Science this term we will be conducting experiments and investigations to consolidate topics covered earlier in the year. There will be a further focus on weather. What do we know about clouds? What do we know about rain? The children will learn to identify and record their observations. Term 6’s science will have many cross-curricular links to our key text and the weather encountered by The Storm Whale. Our young scientists will continue to add key scientific vocabulary to their white shirts and they wear these ‘lab coats’ proudly.


In History this term, children will continue to develop their knowledge of the past. We will be looking at events beyond their living memory focusing specifically on the lifetime of Grace Darling. The children will begin to put events from the past in Chronological order and start to discuss their meaning. This will enable us to investigate why Grace Darling is a significant person in history and look at her achievements.


Term 6’s R.E will continue to explore Judaism and stories from the Old Testament. The children will learn about Jewish places of worship, traditional stories and the importance of reflection within worship.


This term we will be concentrating on our athletic skills to support us with our Sports Day. We will then focus on being able to catch and throw confidently with different sized balls and catching techniques. Every child will learn to choose the most appropriate techniques to catch and throw balls of differing sizes. This will develop balance, agility and coordination which the children can then apply to a range of activities.  We will continue to partake in a rotational block of three outdoor learning sessions on a Friday afternoon for the duration of this academic year.

Music & P.S.H.E

This term the children will develop their performance skills and learn songs about travel and transport from around the world. They will continue to use their voices, movements and instruments to explore changes of pitch as they develop a performance that will be shared with the rest of their class.  

This term P.S.H.E. will be linked to our school value of Hope. We will be thinking about our own positive personality traits and how we can use them positively to bring hope and happiness to those around us.

ART & D.T.

In Art in Term 6 each of the children will design and make their own collaged Storm Whale. This will be inspired by the text and illustrations by Benji Davies. The children will create a mood board and swatches. They will then experiment with different materials and how to cut, tear and combine them to make suitable compositions and textures for their individual final outcomes.


In Computing this term we are going to be TV chefs! Firstly, we will be using the model of a recipe to think about how we give computers instructions as clear steps (algorithms). We will also be using iPads to film our recipe making and editing our work on ThinkPad’s; thinking about how we can communicate clearly whilst learning to use the equipment.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set each Thursday and must be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Buster's Book Club
Buster Book Club bookmarks will be sent home on a Wednesday. This is an ideal time to sit and enjoy a book from home with your child as their reading book will be in school. Year 1 children have a target of reading for 10 minutes. Please ensure you have signed your child's bookmark before it is returned on Thursday morning.

Each Thursday your child will be set challenges on Mathletics ( by their class teacher to complete online before the following Wednesday. Chiildren's login details are stuck inside the back cover of their reading records. 

Daily Reading 
Your child’s reading book will be collected in on a Wednesday and sent home each Thursday with their reading record. This should be returned the following Wednesday with a weekly comment.
Reading books will only be changed if the reading record has been signed. 

RWInc Sounds / Words
If your child has daily Read Write Inc lessons they will come home each Thursday with a copy of their speed words, nonsense words and sounds which are either new that week or need to be revised. The children practise these as part of their daily RWInc lessons to support their learning please take 5 minutes a day to listen to your child read these aloud to you.

From Term 4 weekly spelling lists will be sent home on a Thursday in your child’s green home learning book, these will be tested the following Wednesday. The spellings are based on The National Curriculum words and towards the end of the academic year they will receive topic/cross-curricular vocabulary. Each child will record their score on their new spelling sheet which will come home on a Thursday. Please discuss the meaning of each of the words listed on the spelling sheet and support your child in helping to learn them. There will be helpful tips and activities for learning these with your child at the bottom of the sheet.  When you child begins to receive topic/cross curricular words towards the end of Year 1 they will need to write their own sentence containing the word, this will be clearly explained on the spelling sheet when your child is expected to complete this. As an optional challenge your child can see if they can use all of their spelling words correctly in a piece of writing in their green home learning book.

Times Tables & Number Bonds
Year 1 do not have a weekly check however please take time to practise counting in multiples of 2, 5 & 10 with your child. Not necessarily starting at 0. E.g. 6, 8, 10… Also help them to be confident in their number bonds to both 10 and 20.
E.g. 8+2=10, 12 + 8 = 20.

Any other special events/notes