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Year 1
What have year 1 been doing?

this week's notices Monday 20th May 2019

Please continue to practise Read Write Inc sounds with your child, alongside Reading and number bonds to 10 and 20 and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

It is Somerset 1’s next set of Forest School sessions on the 24th May, 7th June and 14th June. If you are  available to help on any of these dates please speak to Mrs Latty directly.

Please ensure your children return their Home Learning Journeys and Reading Records on a Wednesday so that they can be changed and given out on a Thursday.

Next week in D.T the children will be rolling and baking their puff pastries to bring home. There will be an ingredients list attached to the pastries for you to check.

Please ensure that your children are sent in with the appropriate clothing for Forest Schools.

Thank you,

The Year 1 Team.


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In Year 1 we will continue to focus on learning all of the Set 2 and 3 sounds within class/Read Write Inc sessions, learning to identify these as we read different texts and include them in our writing. Our key text this term is ‘The Dark’, which will inspire our cross-curricular journey. We will be making predictions about the text and using our knowledge of the characters in the story to help us create a descriptive piece of writing. In our English lessons we will use a range of techniques such as  freeze framing, role-play and discussing our own thoughts and feelings about the dark to develop exciting ideas. Within grammar, we will consolidate capital letters, full stops and phonetic spelling before moving on to using imperative verbs to write instructions. We will continue our focus on reading comprehension, unpicking each text as we read it so that children deepen their understanding


In Maths this term, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction and how they are related when solving problems. We will continue to focus on recognition, formation and the application of numbers to 50. We will carry out a range of problem solving activities and consolidate the use of multiple methods to record our thinking and reasoning, such as part-part wholes, equations and number lines. We will continue our daily review of counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as well as a rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and 20.


We will continue to develop our investigation skills and make predictions and conclusions. We will be learning about the 4 seasons and the changing weather that can accompany them. Alongside this we will be carrying out practical investigations to be able to answer questions such as, how can we measure the wind?


This term we will learn all about Louis Braille and the impact his life and decisions had on past and current life. We will learn about the significance of historical figures and why they are still important to us now.


‘Why does Christmas matter to Christians?’ will be our focus question in RE this term. We will be investigating Bible stories, searching for their hidden meanings and working out how they impact on the lives of Christians.


In P.E this term we will be learning the skills involved in invasion games, focusing mainly on hockey. We will also continue with our multi-skills sessions throughout the term. Each Year 1 class will continue to partake in a rotational block of three outdoor learning Forest School sessions on a Friday afternoon.

Music & P.S.H.E

Throughout the term we will continue to explore sounds and rhythm, using musical instruments and our voices. The children will be listening to music and playing a variety of percussion instruments, as well as learning new songs and raps, related to traditional tales.  Soon we will be busy practising for the Christmas Nativity, so you’ll be hearing Christmas melodies!

In PSHE we will be exploring pollution and the effects it has on our planet alongside investigating types of sustainable power. We will then move onto the impacts that littering can have on the environment and the dangers it can pose to wildlife. We will discuss our role in keeping our planet clean and sustainable.  

ART & D.T.

In Art and Design Technology this term we will design a product to help the story’s main character. We will sketch, create and evaluate our products using a combination of skills to select the most appropriate materials. We will also be exploring how to best create ‘The Dark’ using different collaged dark materials. If you have any glass jars, please send them in to your child’s class teacher.


The children will continue to explore the use of algorithms, debugging and instructions using Think Pads. They will programme and follow instructions using Beebots.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set each Thursday and must be returned by the following Wednesday:

Daily Reading 
Your child’s reading book will be collected in on a Wednesday and sent home each Thursday with their reading record. This should be returned the following Wednesday with a weekly comment.
Reading books will only be changed if the reading record has been signed. 

Each Thursday your child will be set challenges on Mathletics ( by their class teacher to complete online before the following Wednesday. Chiildren's login details are stuck inside the back cover of their reading records. 

RWInc Sounds / Words
If your child has daily Read Write Inc lessons they will come home each Thursday with a copy of their speed words, nonsense words and sounds which are either new that week or need to be revised. The children practise these as part of their daily RWInc lessons to support their learning please take 5 minutes a day to listen to your child read these aloud to you.


Buster's Book Club
Buster Book Club bookmarks will be sent home on a Wednesday. This is an ideal time to sit and enjoy a book from home with your child as their reading book will be in school. Year 1 children have a target of reading for 10 minutes. Please ensure you have signed your child's bookmark before it is returned on Thursday morning. 

From Term 4 weekly spelling lists will be sent home on a Thursday in your child’s green home learning book, these will be tested the following Wednesday. The spellings are based on The National Curriculum words and towards the end of the academic year they will receive topic/cross-curricular vocabulary. Each child will record their score on their new spelling sheet which will come home on a Thursday. Please discuss the meaning of each of the words listed on the spelling sheet and support your child in helping to learn them. There will be helpful tips and activities for learning these with your child at the bottom of the sheet.  When you child begins to receive topic/cross curricular words towards the end of Year 1 they will need to write their own sentence containing the word, this will be clearly explained on the spelling sheet when your child is expected to complete this. As an optional challenge your child can see if they can use all of their spelling words correctly in a piece of writing in their green home learning book.

Times Tables & Number Bonds
Year 1 do not have a weekly check however please take time to practise counting in multiples of 2, 5 & 10 with your child. Not necessarily starting at 0. E.g. 6, 8, 10… Also help them to be confident in their number bonds to both 10 and 20.
E.g. 8+2=10, 12 + 8 = 20.

Any other special events/notes