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PE and School Sports Funding

Sports Funding 2015-16
Sports Funding 2016-17

The PE and sport premium is funded by the Department for Education and is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. At Southborough C of E Primary School we have used the PE funding (2015-2016 £9848.00) to enrich the opportunities on offer to our children in conjunction with developing teaching and learning.

We are now in our second year of hiring specialist PE coaches to deliver high quality teaching and learning across the PE curriculum. Not only have the children received expert tuition in a range of PE but the external coaching has also provided continuing professional development for teachers. Class teachers have worked alongside specialist coaches and have developed the planning and delivery of PE lessons. One year 3 teacher said the coaching was ‘positive, friendly and systematic, with the gradual building up of skills maximising the development of the children’s abilities’. This is a sentiment echoed by a year 5 teacher who said ‘it was good to see the progression in hockey, and the children’s confidence growing throughout the unit of coaching’. Year 4 children said ‘it was good because we weren’t confident at first but now we really like hockey because the coach was brilliant at showing us lots of new skills’. Each unit lasts 2 terms. This year we have used our funding to develop football and gymnastics lessons, as well as providing weekly lunchtime clubs led by specialist coaches.

At Southborough we also continue to participate in a range of competitive sports, competing against other schools in local football leagues,hockey and netball competitions as well as cross country leagues, pentathlon and swimming galas. The sports leaders program continues to run with specialist training provided for our year 6 sports leaders in order that they can encourage and motivate younger children to actively participate in a range of fun and healthy sports related activities.

For all of the above sports opportunities we have worked closely with our local sports partnership. A significant amount of the DfE funding, £5100 has been allocated for this academic year in order to gain the best value for money and maximise the quality, quantity and range of activities that we have been able to offer to children across the school and £241.52 of the Sports Funding has been used to improve our P.E. resources.

Increasingly, Forest School is becoming a popular way to improve children’s engagement with outdoor activities, in addition to providing some very positive results with regard to improving enjoyment and emotional wellbeing both in and out of the class room. We are now in our second year of offering Forest School to children in Key Stage 2. This year £4506.48 has been allocated to the Forest School Provision. All year 5 children experience a six week Forest School, one morning a week. Taster sessions have been successfully run for younger children. A specialist Forest School Teacher (who is also a qualified Primary School Teacher) has run Southborough Forest School since autumn 2013 and the development of pupils’ tenacity, perseverance and problem solving skills has really been enhanced by the new challenges they are able to experience and overcome whilst at Forest School. Using the Leuven scale to monitor the impact, 95% of the children have shown improvements in both involvement and confidence. This has been noticed in the classroom by year 5 teachers, who have observed that ‘all children have come back from the forest school experience with an added can-do attitude when finding ways to approach and overcome problems that are posed to them, both academically and socially’.