Southborough C of E Primary School

Southborough Yodel


Sports Day in Reception.

On Thursday morning we all took part in the Infants Sports Day. All the children ran three races, the egg and spoon race, the obstacle race and the running race. It was a lovely experience to be involved in the races and take part on a sunny day.

Teddy in RK said, " I enjoyed the running race the most. Leo came first and I came second and Beau came third. I was happy and excited when I got my sticker for second place."




Year 1

"We talked about compassion in assembly today. Isabelle dressed up as a lollipop lady, Oliver a doctor and Ria was a teacher! We really enjoyed showing the school about our understanding of compassion. :)"

Northumberland 1

"I've noticed that if 2 quarters then it makes one half and two halves makes one whole. So four quarters must make one whole."  Sophia, B

 Buckinghamshire 1

"Why do planst need our Carbon Dioxide?"  Freddie, W

Durham 1

Year 2

London's History

Jacob is so proud of his non fiction leaflet about the fascinating hisdtory of our capital city.