Southborough C of E Primary School


Science at Southborough is changing.  We will still be using our Kent Scheme of work, but we will be using it along side our own Southborough Science Planning, which encourages the children to engage with their science learning through lots of practical activities, making scientific observations and recording and analysing the data they collect.  The lessons will also make links with the texts that the children are studying in English lessons, giving the scientific ideas more of a context and making the learning even more exciting!

Our beautiful grounds are ideally suited to environmental work and children are encouraged to take an active part in caring for these, for example, children have recently worked with specialists to develop our woodland nature trail. As a result children of all ages can now enjoy finding and studying the diverse community of mini-beasts that have made their homes under the features and habitats that were created by the group.

The children at Southborough School will be taking part in British Science Week this year.  They will take part in a range of science acitivities, become citizen scientists, helping scientists across the globe monitor ocean plastics and take part in competitions and games!