Southborough C of E Primary School


This week's notices Monday 3rd December

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This week we will be rehearsing our Christmas Nativity play called Christmas Counts. Please can you send your child’s costume to school in a named bag by Tuesday 4th December at the latest. Please ask the teachers if you have any questions about the costume.

This week in RWInc all groups will learning to read and write simple sentences. Please use your sound cards to build simple 3 letter CVC words such as fat, cat, red, bus, pan, hot, dog, big, Ask your child to say these sounds and then read the whole word. Children can also practice writing these words.

In maths we will begin to look at ‘one less than’. We will be playing games and solving maths problems, which will help us to explore this further. Please do practise counting and count one less than as well as one more than at home.

Our Wizard Word this week is...passenger!

Our Naughty Bus journey to Tunbridge Wells has been rescheduled for the New Year. Further details to follow.


Please can you make sure you are writing at least one observation into the    orange book every week and it is brought into school for the teacher to read.

Please also remember to change library books on a Monday and Friday.

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Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be spending time sharing the story ‘Oh No George!’ with the children.  We will be focusing on George’s dilemma and our ideas about his character as well as exploring different dogs and pets.

We will be practising our listening skills and introducing Show and Tell to help build children’s self confidence in speaking, listening and asking questions. We will begin to learn early reading and writing skills through our Read Write Inc lessons.


We will be building opportunities to develop number recognition and counting skills throughout the term.  We will be working with the children to find out what they already know through our Baseline assessments.

Physical Development.

We will be making use of our stunning outdoor paddock area, introducing rules and safe ways to use the equipment. The children will explore mark making in large and small ways both inside and outside. We will be developing the children’s independence in self-care with a particular focus on dressing, handwashing and eating at school.

Personal, Social and Emotional development.

We will begin to build relationships in our classes by learning each other’s names and finding out what we all like to do.  We will be introducing our school rules and how to manage our feelings.  

Understanding The World

We will be finding out who works in our school and where everything is.  We will be exploring our indoor and outdoor environments and learning how to keep them clean and tidy. We will be discovering the many different types of pets and how to take care of them focusing particularly on dogs If you have any resources (artefacts, books etc.) at home to support our topic, which we can share with the class, please name them and send them to school with your child.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be creating art using our own ideas and different techniques and materials.  We will be representing dogs in all shapes and sizes using paint, collage and clay. Our role play areas will reflect our pet theme. We will be singing well known songs including nursery rhymes and sharing some new ones.