Southborough C of E Primary School

Welcome to Reception!
What are we learning about in our topic this term?‘Wild and Wonderful’

Dear Parents

Reception’s exciting topic for Terms 5 & 6 2017 is called ‘Wild and Wonderful’.

Our stunning start will include a school trip to Hadlow College, where we will make our own plant pots and plant a variety of seeds, amongst other activities (RC = 9th May, RK = 10th May and RA = 11th May). Then, as we continue on the journey through the topic, we will grow beans (whilst exploring the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’), observe the life cycle of butterflies and enjoy a practical exercise on how bees organise themselves and behave in a beehive. Towards the end of Term 6, we will celebrate our learning with an ‘Ugly Bug Ball’!

 As well as following the interests of the children, we will be covering the following areas:


  • Using our senses to investigate living things (signs of Spring, seeds, plants, and minibeasts).

  • Finding out where seeds come from and investigating what plants need in order to grow.

  • Identifying the parts of a plant and knowing their function.

  • Enjoying and retelling familiar stories, sequencing the events in a story, identifying the main characters in a story (starting this term with Jack and the Beanstalk).

  • Identifying common minibeasts and talking about their features and where they live.

  • Sorting minibeasts by different criteria and identifying which minibeasts are insects.

  • Recognising and recreating symmetrical patterns.

  • Using the vocabulary involved in addition and subtraction, in practical activities.

  • Writing for different purposes, including a fact sheet about a chosen minibeast.

  • Understanding the life cycle of butterflies.

  • Understanding the expectations of behaviour on a school trip and behaving appropriately.

  • Understanding how non fiction books can be used to answer questions about where, who, why and how.


More information can be found each week on the window notices displayed outside each classroom, on our school website under ‘Reception window notice’ and via a copy sent to you through Parent Mail. Please check these regularly.


If you have any resources / artefacts / books to support our topic, these will be greatly appreciated. We would also be especially  grateful to receive any unwanted large plant pots, compost, seeds, bulbs, etc 


Thank you for your on-going support. Capewell, Mr Kersey, Miss Aiyese