Southborough C of E Primary School


This week's notices Monday 11th February


Happy last week of term!

This week we will be taking our monsters on an adventure around the school. We will also be writing letters to and from the monster!

In maths we are looking at conservation of number which means that quantity does not change with physical rearrangement.


A letter will be sent home later this week asking for you to take pictures of your children reading in bizarre and wonderful places. This will then promote an opportunity for the children to talk about where they have been reading and the pictures will then make up a display in the classroom

Please remember to make sure all items of clothing, including gloves, hats and scarves, are named so we can return any lost items when we find them.

We hope you all have a lovely half-term.


Click here to download the slides from the curriculum meeting


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Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be spending time sharing the story ‘Bedtime for monsters’ with the children. The children will follow the adventures of the monster and will be encouraged to use conversation, visual literacy and imaginative play.Throughout the term the all children will continue to learn early reading and writing skills through our Read Write Inc lessons. The children will be provided with a range of opportunities write for different purposes.



Throughout each week there will be many opportunities the children in reception to develop number recognition and counting skills.  This will include our focus on finding one more and one less than a number. The children will also be ordering two or three items by weight and capacity.

Physical Development.

All children will continue to look at different ways of travelling over large and small equipment. They will be building monster dens and homes for different environments. This term the children will be starting to have PE lessons with each class focusing on throwing and catching skills.

Personal, Social and Emotional development.

We will continue to develop the children’s understanding of friendships and how to work together in the classroom. Through our Power of Reading text the children will be exploring how they can empathise with characters, looking at similarities and differences and showing friendly behaviour to all.

Understanding The World

This term all classes will be exploring different homes and habitats, including our own environment and different features of other environments. Answering questions such as, why do different animals and creatures live where they do? If you have any resources (artefacts, books etc.) at home to support our topic, which we can share with the class, please name them and send them to school with your child. The children will also be exploring and answering the question: what makes everyone unique and precious? 

Expressive Arts and Design

All pupils in reception will be using a variety of media and techniques to represent and make their own monsters. This will include using shoe boxes to make monsters, making monsters puppets and clay monsters. The children will be given opportunities to re-enact the story with their monsters.