Southborough C of E Primary School


This week's notices Monday 22nd th January 2018

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During maths this week we will be measuring and comparing the length and height of objects.

We will be continuing to explore our new Power of Reading text; Stanley’s Stick.

We will be using drama to act out Stanley’s feelings, painting with sticks, using different textures in paint; and exploring rhythm and music with sticks.

Read Write Inc Reading Books

We will be sending home reading books this week for those children who are beginning to blend.  These will be sent out each Thursday and should be returned to school the following Wednesday to be changed. Please use the yellow reading log to record your comments.

Thank you

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Reception’s exciting topic for Term 2 is called ‘Ready to Explore Some More!’

The children’s book ‘Blue Penguin’ is a wonderful story which we will be using to support  much of our learning over the next few weeks.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Our stunning start has begun with a letter from a penguin. We will be finding about penguins and help children to form questions that can be investigated. We will use a collection of information and story books about penguins as well as simple children’s websites.

The children will continue to learn early reading and writing skills through our Read Write Inc lessons. We have been delighted with the children’s progress so far and look forward to them sharing their learning with you at home.


We will be building opportunities to learn number awareness, counting and calculation skills throughout the term as well as introducing the properties of some 2D and 3D shapes. We will also describing the size of objects and natural things we see in the environment using language to compare how long, wide and tall they are.

Physical Development

We will be making use of our outdoor paddock area, introducing some team games and developing a range of physical skills. The children will also continue to explore mark making with pens, paint, pencils, markers etc.

We will continue to develop the children’s independence in self-care with a particular focus on hygiene and the routine of washing our hands.

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Through our story ‘Blue Penguin’ we will be exploring different feelings and how we can help others who feel lonely. The story will also help us to understand how we all have different skills and that we can use these to share with each other and build strong teams. We are introducing ‘show and tell’ to help build children’s self confidence in speaking, listening and asking questions.

Understanding The World

We will explore their icy habitat and how penguins work together to survive. This will lead into our exploration of winter and the Christmas season and our fabulous finish will be our Nativity performances in December! If you have any resources (artefacts, books etc) at home to support our topic, which we can share with the class, please name them and send them to school with your child.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be creating night time pictures based on the famous painting ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh.’ We will also be creating self-portraits to display outside our classrooms. Our role play areas will reflect our penguin theme and be an ice dwelling for Antarctic explorers. The children will be using songs, instruments and sounds to explore storms. We will also create simple penguin songs. The children will also be preparing their songs, dances, actions, words and costumes for ‘Shine Star Shine’ our Christmas Nativity play.