Southborough C of E Primary School

Playground Buddies

Today we have had our weekly Playground Buddies meeting.  We have decided to change equipment and activities on the Infant Playground.  We will build the balance snake for everyone to walk along, helping the Reception Class by holding their hands.  We will also get out some soft blocks, hula hoops, bean-bags and cones to mark out races.

"I will organise the cones and a soft football so that children can practise dribbling" Finley, B2

"We could get out the tunnel and help children go through safely" Tom, N1

"I would like to brig out the numbver squares and help children to make games with them" Charlie, D1.

We have also discussed our role and reposnsibilites of being part of the Playground Buddy Team!

"We help people and be kind, we also help people when they fall over" Katrin, N1

"Make sure everyone is playing nicely and safely" Hasna, S2

"We make sure everyone remembers the school rules on the playground" Mya, B1

"We make sure no-one is lonely" Annie, D1

"We always help to take out equipment and tidy the playground after lunch" JD, B1