Southborough C of E Primary School

Personal, Social and Health Education
paired readingPSHE is an excellent opportunity to learn how to stay safe, be healthy, be happy and have fun! Children begin to manage their own learning in, for example, Circle Time where they listen and respond to others as well as discuss their own feelings and share their valued ideas.

The PSHE/Citizen Scheme of Work at Southborough is based around the Excellence and Enjoyment Initiative. Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning better known as 'SEAL'. There are five social and emotional aspects of learning:
  • Self-managing
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social awareness
  • Explore feelings

In addition to SEAL teachers use 'Go-Givers' which provides resources for current issues from around the around.

Anti-bullying week:

This year’s theme was about using our ‘Power for Good’ to make a difference in our school. Each year group participated in a session about anti-bullying and how we can support children to use their ‘power for good’. This included understanding how powerful our actions are and the importance of working together to create a positive environment within school. The highlight of the week was a ‘blue accessory’ day which visually demonstrated our support as well as feeding back our class’ activities during Friday’s celebration assembly. To complete the day we released balloons with kind words and phrases into the sky. We hoped someone will find this and share our message.