Southborough C of E Primary School

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum consists of representatives from each class to discuss questions, ideas and suggestions raised by parents/carers within the school.  The Forum consists of a diverse group to cover views from parents/carers from all backgrounds and sectors of society.

It is another opportunity to enable parents to be involved in school life, and the School to gain further understanding of parents' views and experiences.  This helps us to support our children’s learning.

We discuss ideas about school development and find out about school policy in a constructive and friendly way and it is useful to inform you of new ideas, social events and general school information.

Our aim is for parents, teachers and the School as a whole to develop support for each other.  We would greatly appreciate your help to achieve this.

Parent school partnership letter
Terms of Reference Nov 2017


Minutes of Parent Forum Meetings 2017-2018

Parent Forum Minutes November 2017.pdf