Southborough C of E Primary School

Our Staff
Headteacher Mrs  Savage
 Deputy Headteacher Mrs  Dooley
Assistant Headteacher & SENCO Mrs  Bye
Assistant Headteacher and Head of Upper School Mrs  Bootle
Assistant Headteacher and Head of Lower School Miss  Goodchild
Head of Early Years Mrs  Dooley
 Teaching Staff
Early Years - Reception Mrs Brian, Mrs Britton and Mr Kersey
Year 1 Mrs  Osman, Miss  Hingley and Miss  Towler
Year 2 Miss Silcott, Miss Simpson and Mrs Crumbie with Miss Goodchild
Year 3 Mrs  Lovelock, Mrs McCann, Mrs McGinley Mrs Croker and Miss Karkar
Year 4 Miss  Haynes, Miss  Dunlop and Miss Saganowska
Year 5 Mrs Crumly and Mr Theobald
Year 6  Mr  Dix and Mrs  MacNaughton with Mrs Bootle

Mrs  Chapman, Mrs  Allison, Mrs  Sweatman, and Mrs  Windsor.

Specialist teaching team


Mrs  Clements



Mrs  Rayner



Mrs  McIlwham



Mrs  Capewell



Mr  Malsom


Forest School

Mr Gillinder



Mrs  Heller



Mrs  Bateup



Mrs  Pain



Mr  Ibbs

Teaching Assistants

Mrs  Axell

Mrs  Gunston

Miss  Mooney

Mr  Bollato-Velda

Mrs  Holman

Mrs  Mooney

Mrs  Boulcott

Mrs  Lambert

Miss  Owen

Mrs Bromley

Ms  Marcus

Mrs  Strudwick

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Marks

Miss  Talbot

Mrs Coleman

Mrs  Martin

Miss  Talbott

Mrs  Ferrell

Mrs  McLearon 

Mrs  Tan

Mrs Fisher

Miss Messant

Mrs Walters

Miss  Gavin

Mrs  Moon

Mrs Wilmshurst

Higher level Teachiong Assistants

Mrs  Moth

Mrs  Youatt

Miss  Morling

Mrs  Webb

Mrs  Coles

Ms  Villano

Administration Staff
PA to Headteacher Mrs  Lusher
Pupil wellbeing manager Mrs  Brewin
Infant School Secretary Mrs  Thomas
Admin and Finance Officer Mrs  Garner
Receptionist Mrs  Murphy
 Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs  Nicholson, Miss  Rye, Ms  Gavin, Ms  Sham, Mrs  Fazil, Mrs  Lambert, Mr  Djouab, Miss  Mitto

 Site Supervisor


Mr  Lambert

Mr  Djouab

Crossing Patrol Miss  Rye and Miss  Mitto