Southborough C of E Primary School

Head's Heroes

In collective worship every Friday a child from each class is nominated to be one of the Headteacher's Heroes for that week.

Children can be nominated for this award for many reasons, including

  • Outstanding progress
  • Outstanding effort
  • A high level of focus
  • Determination in their learning
  • Helping others

We have many other reward systems in place but children will only be made a Head's Hero if they have shown one of these qualities over a period of time.

Head’s Heroes

                                                                         Friday 11th November 2018
Cheshire 1 Camille for improved independence week upon week in Year 1.
Lincolnshire 1 Philippa for always challenging herself and striving to do her best.
Somerset 1 Daniel for his enthusiasm and positivity in all learning. 
Cambridgeshire 2 Emilia for always showing respect for others and being a caring friend.
Oxfordshire 2 Ivy for always showing exemplary behaviour in the classroom.
Warwickshire 2 Sophia for always having a keen and enthusiastic approach to learning.
Buckinghamshire 3 Mya for her calm and focused approach.
Northumberland 3 Johnson for consistently remaining focussed in all lessons!
Durham 3 Eddie for always being so kind and thoughtful to all members of his class and for being a fantastic role model on the playground.
Shropshire 4 Hasna for her calm and determined attitude towards her learning and her willingness to help others.
Lancashire 4 Toby for always being a kind and helpful member of our class. 
Berkshire 4 Tabitha for excellent problem solving skills in computing.
Sussex 5 Stephan for undertaking further challenges in maths and for contributing more and more to class discussions. 
Wiltshire 5 Alfie-Jay for consistently making good decisions.
Devon 5 Jessica for being reflective in maths and looking to improve her division.
Dorset 6 James for a continual hard working ethic where he consistently challenges himself in all he does.
Cornwall 6 Harry for setting himself consistently high standards in all areas of school life.