Southborough C of E Primary School

Head's Heroes

In collective worship every Friday a child from each class is nominated to be one of the Headteacher's Heroes for that week.

Children can be nominated for this award for many reasons, including

  • Outstanding progress
  • Outstanding effort
  • A high level of focus
  • Determination in their learning
  • Helping others

We have many other reward systems in place but children will only be made a Head's Hero if they have shown one of these qualities over a period of time.

Head’s Heroes

Friday 7th July 2017

•RA Isabella – writing beautiful stories.
•RK Ella – excellent sentence writing about butterflies and caterpillars.
•RC Joshua – consistent improvement in writing.
•Northumberland 1 Harriet – always trying her best.
•Durham 1 Declan – improved focus and attention in class.
•Buckinghamshire 1 Samuel – persevering and always trying his best.
•Shropshire 2 Florence – her consistent and determined effort in learning.
•Lancashire 2 Simone – consistently trying her best in all areas of learning.
•Berkshire  2 Leon – enthusiastic contributions to class discussions.
•Sussex  3 Joseph – being a hard working member of the class.
•Devon 3 Sheamai – moving around the classroom calmly at all times.
•Wiltshire  3 Neel – showing a higher level of focus in his learning over a number of weeks, especially in his writing.
•Dorset 4 Holly – consistently showing positive attitude to learning and being helpful in the classroom.
•Cornwall 4 Emma – always being a good friend who is kind to others.
•Suffolk 6 Pearl – creative accomplishment in her art work.
•Hampshire 6 Leanne – her perseverance and enthusiasm towards her learning.