Southborough C of E Primary School

Head's Heroes

In collective worship every Friday a child from each class is nominated to be one of the Headteacher's Heroes for that week.

Children can be nominated for this award for many reasons, including

  • Outstanding progress
  • Outstanding effort
  • A high level of focus
  • Determination in their learning
  • Helping others

We have many other reward systems in place but children will only be made a Head's Hero if they have shown one of these qualities over a period of time.

Head’s Heroes

Friday 18th May 2018
•River Jacob for renewed concentration and focus on the carpet.
•Mountain  Jamie for listening carefully and learning how to blend sounds and read many new words.
•Forest   Hamad - for great effort and producing interesting ideas in his writing.
•Warwickshire 1  Jack - For his excellent behaviour and giving all learning his very best effort.
•Cambridgeshire 1 Harley - for being a caring, thoughtful member of the class.
•Oxfordshire 1 Jonathan - for continued good effort and perseverance in Read Write Inc.
•Northumberland 2 Frank - for a positive attitude to learning and a great effort this week.
•Durham 2 Zaine - for fantastic effort with his writing. 
•Buckinghamshire 2 Alfie - for always speaking up in class and sharing his ideas
•Shropshire 3 Lucy , for execellent teamworking skills in maths and literacy!
•Lancashire 3  Toby - for always being polite, helpful and hard working
•Berkshire  3 Poppy for persevering in literacy and producing some super work!
•Sussex  4  Jayden for challenging himself to use ambitious vocabulary in his writing.
•Devon 4  Aimee & Dexter for being geat talk partners and helping each other to do better.
•Wiltshire 4 Summer for being a kind and considerate memeber of our class. 
•Dorset 5 Zara  - for stepping out of her comfort zone and challenging herself.
•Cornwall 5  Iris for being supportive and patient when working with other children.
•Norfolk 6 The whole of Norfolk 6 for their sheer determination to suceed and for having put their all in to everything that they have had to tackle this week!
•Surrey 6 All of Surrey 6 for showcasing their perseverance, hard work and resilience ALL week.