Southborough C of E Primary School

Head's Heroes

In collective worship every Friday a child from each class is nominated to be one of the Headteacher's Heroes for that week.

Children can be nominated for this award for many reasons, including

  • Outstanding progress
  • Outstanding effort
  • A high level of focus
  • Determination in their learning
  • Helping others

We have many other reward systems in place but children will only be made a Head's Hero if they have shown one of these qualities over a period of time.

Head’s Heroes

Friday 12th January 2018

•River Tabitha – leading a group to solve a problem about ordinal numbers.
•Mountain Isabella – good thinking and clear talking in every lesson this week.
•Forest Cleo – her positive attitude to learning and trying hard with her writing this week.
•Oxfordshire 1 Oscar – the progress he has made in writing. Now displayed in our ‘Golden frame’ writer of the week!
•Warwickshire 1 Henry – his continued thoughtfulness and helping others.
•Cambridgeshire 1 Francesca – growing in confidence every week since being in year 1. 
•Northumberland 2 Lola – great Mathematical thinking and problem solving.
•Durham 2 Freya – being a helpful and kind member of the class.
•Buckinghamshire 2 Marylou – always having a fantastic attitude to learning and working hard.
•Shropshire 3 Hasna – being an enthusiastic and helpful learner in every subject!
•Lancashire 3 Caitlin – being a hard working and reliable member of the class.
•Berkshire  3 Lina – consistently working hard.
•Sussex  4 Emily – consistent effort across all subjects.
•Devon 4 Sienna – being a great role-model and always showing good focus and listening.
•Wiltshire 4 Jacob – great participation and attitude to learning.
•Dorset 5 Emily – always working tirelessly to achieve.
•Cornwall 5 Harry – being supportive and patient when supporting others in class.
•Norfolk 6 Joel – a fantastic start to the New Year with superb effort in all aspects of our curriculum learning this week.
•Surrey 6 Edward – improving his reading and writing through great perseverance.