Southborough C of E Primary School

Head's Heroes

In collective worship every Friday a child from each class is nominated to be one of the Headteacher's Heroes for that week.

Children can be nominated for this award for many reasons, including

  • Outstanding progress
  • Outstanding effort
  • A high level of focus
  • Determination in their learning
  • Helping others

We have many other reward systems in place but children will only be made a Head's Hero if they have shown one of these qualities over a period of time.

Head’s Heroes

Friday 15th March 2019
Forest Oscar For his quiet determination and effort to improve his writing
Mountain Emma

for being kind and thoughtful towards other children in our


River Evie for always sharing her ideas in class discussions
Cheshire 1 Sookie for always tackling a challenge with a smile
Lincolnshire 1 Clea

for always working so incredibly hard and for always helping


Somerset 1 Riley

for his excellent effort sharing what he knows in maths and


Cambridgeshire 2 Isabella for great scientific thinking in British Science Week
Oxfordshire 2 Isabelle for always being a model student in class and so helpful
Warwickshire 2 Ben for always participating and sharing his ideas
Buckinghamshire 3 Isaac for an excellent start to our topic on fractions
Durham 3 Ollie for his hard work and determination in lessons
Northumberland 3 Oliver for consistent focus and effort in topic lessons
Berkshire 4 Matthew for using high level language in his newspaper report
Lancashire 4 Harrison

for consistently being motivated and enthusiastic about his


Shropshire 4 Abhishek for his kind and caring attitude towards others
Devon 5 Alfie for his infectious enthusiasm in Maths
Sussex 5 Emmanuel for being a good role model to others
Wiltshire 5 Cassidy for always trying her best in maths
Cornwall 6 Ellie for being a good role model and persevering with all learning
Dorset 6 Emily

for a superb attitude to all aspects of her work including

challenging herself to do the best she can