Southborough C of E Primary School

Developing language skills is at the heart of education and learning. Our children learn to read and write using Read Write Inc, a robust phonics programme. Children make good progress using this programme. The following link will take you to the RWInc web site where there is useful information for parents including a useful support resource on how to pronounce the phonic sounds.

Our creative curriculum offers the opportunity to embed their core literacy learning by use of a range of engaging quality texts and learning opportunities. The teaching and learning is enlivened by the use of multi-modal texts, film and drama.

WritingEmphasis is placed on our children learning to develop confident communication skills across a range of genres and using a variety of media. We aim to develop good speakers and listeners, as well as engaged writers and readers, who enjoy conveying their ideas to others and entering the wonderful world of books.

At Southborough we want to equip children with the ability and knowledge to be lifelong readers. We are following a programme called ‘Readers workshop’ which aims to give children  the tools for selecting and comprehending literature through 7 key skills. These are metacognition (voice inside your head), Schema (making connections), Inference, visualising, questioning, determining importance and synthesising. Over the course of the year, students are encouraged to read a range of books and do as good readers do in exploring different genres, authors and texts.

Children are also taught strategies to become more independent with their reading for example the 5-finger rule. This aims to help children select a suitable book for themselves. They are introduced to ‘thinking stems’ and other concrete items to help them become more confident talking about their reading. For example the colour chart below. Classes are asked to rate their understanding of a text as they progress such as ‘crystal clear’ when their understanding is good and to ‘foggy’ and then ‘black out’ when they are unsure. Children are then taught strategies they can implement if their thinking does become unclear about a text.


Black out                                        Foggy                                                             Crystal clear